Non-current Tournaments: All Winners

Title Description Past Winners and Results
Letchworth Garden City Rapid Play

A rapid-play tournament held in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.


The first event planned for 9 November 2014 was cancelled due to problems with the venue.

South London Kyu Players

In the main tournament in 2013 students were split into three groups, each of which played a Swiss tournament with handicap equal to grade difference. In 2015 it was a single Swiss group.

In the side tournament the teachers all play each other, together with any other dan players present, in a round-robin tournament with all games even.

Was held in West London in 2015.

Fuseki Follow-On

In this tournament, a professional game had been chosen which had a close result and was adjudged close after the fuseki. Each player played this same game four times, twice as black and twice as white.

Youth Small Board

One-off event in 1999, held alongside the Wanstead Tournament.

  • Under-18: Philip Tedder
  • Under-14: Shawn Hearn
  • Under-10: Luise Wolf

Held at York University.

  • 1984 John Smith
  • 1983 Terry Barker
  • 1982 John Rickard

See Wanstead

See Wanstead

Women's Weekend

Played during the sometimes held Women's Training Weekend.

The trophy is the Eva Wilson Go Ban.

  • 2005 Helen Harvey
  • 2004 Nicola Hurden
  • 2002 Elly Culmer
  • 2000 Natasha Regan
  • 1999 Helen Harvey
  • 1998 Brakenhale Girls
Three Counties

A one-off tournament near where Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey meet.

  • 1986 Harold Lee
South London

A tournament held near Clapham Junction.

  • 1994-5 Alistair Wall
RTP Handicap

See West Surrey

See West Surrey


A one-off event held in 1973.

  • 1973 T Mark Hall
North London

Event organised by Melior/North London Go Clubs.

North East

A rapid-play event held in Darlington.

  • 1995 Simon Shiu
National Knock-Out

A country-wide knockout played over most of the year.

  • 1979 Matthew Macfadyen
  • 1978 Matthew Macfadyen
  • 1977 Matthew Macfadyen
  • 1976 Ron Moss
MSO 9x9 Junior or Beginners

An event at the Mind Sports Olympiad.

  • 2006 Nicholas Calderwood
  • 2001 Bruce Birchall
  • 1999 Frank Prager
  • 1998 Ezra Luttoni
MSO Youth

An event at the Mind Sports Olympiad. The 2002 event was part of the Cambidge MSO.

  • 2002 William Brooks @ Cambridge
  • 2001 Shawn Hearn
  • 2000 Liao Xingwen
MSO Novices 13x13

An event at the Mind Sports Olympiad.

  • 2000 Tom Cooper
MSO Weekend

An event at the Mind Sports Olympiad.

  • 1998 Migaku Hayashi
  • 1997 Guo Juan
MSO Lightning

An event at the Mind Sports Olympiad.