Council has created a number of Committees, with a Council member as chairman, and appoints members to each (known as Officials). Each Committee has Terms of Reference that can be seen by clicking on the Committee name. To see more about each person click their picture.

The smooth running of the British Go Association depends on the freely given time of all those listed, and others. Council would like to thank them all. Volunteers are always welcome - please consult the list of vacancies and contact the President to discuss the opportunities.

Contact the BGA.

Committee: Marketing and Publications
Role Person Job Description
Publicity Material Vacant

Responsible for producing new editions of publicity materials.

Committee: Online
Role Person Job Description
Facebook Administrator Jon Diamond

Posts messages and administers the Association's page on Facebook.

Facebook Administrator Martin Harvey

Responsible for monitoring and keeping up to date our Facebook page.

Gotalk Moderator Tim Hunt

Administers the Gotalk email list, checking for bouncing addresses and incorrectly rejected messages.

Junior Web Site Editor Martin Harvey

Edits the Junior Web Site section of our website (also part of Youth Committee)

Online League Co-ordinator Michael Kyle

Organises the BGA's online leagues.

Tweeter Jonathan Green

Responsible for the monitoring and administration of our britgo Twitter account

Webmaster Jonathan Chin

Responsible for the overall maintenance of the website, especially looking at moving forward the version of Drupal used.

Our policy statement describes the policy followed and lists those who are responsible for sections of the site.

Website Editor Tony Atkins

Maintains the day-to-day contents of the website.

Website News Editor Tony Atkins

Collects news and maintains the news section of the website.

Committee: Player Development
Role Person Job Description
Game Review Service Tim Hunt

One of the benefits of being a BGA member is that you can get your games analysed by a stronger player. If you would like to take advantage of this, please send me the game record as an SGF file. (If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry. Just get in touch and we can sort out the practicalities.)

When playing Go, sometimes we can see our own mistakes. At other times, we can be playing bad moves without realising it. This is when getting someone else to review your games can really help you improve. As a BGA member, you have this service ready and waiting for you. You just need to ask.

If you send me a game, I am likely to comment on a few key points, so if you have particular questions about what happened, please ask them. When selecting a game to send, games were you were concentrating (for example tournament games) are likely to be more useful than casual games, and you normally learn more from games you lost than ones you won easily, but the choice of game is up to you.

Email the Game Review Service at:

National Trainer Andrew Simons

This is a job required as part of the European Go and Cultural Centre's training programme. He or she acts as an interface for teaching material produced between the EGCC and the BGA. He or she also should encourage training through a network of trainers and provide training courses and materials.

Rating and Grading Geoff Kaniuk

Monitors the rating and grading system, determines if any changes are needed and makes them.

Student Development Joanne Leung

Suggests ways of and encourages development of the level of play of Go amongst students.

Training Consultant Matthew Macfadyen

Provides the BGA with training advice and material that can be used to run seminars or courses.