Council has created a number of Committees, with a Council member as chairman, and appoints members to each (known as Officials). Each Committee has Terms of Reference that can be seen by clicking on the Committee name. To see more about each person click their picture.

The smooth running of the British Go Association depends on the freely given time of all those listed, and others. Council would like to thank them all. Volunteers are always welcome - please consult the list of vacancies and contact the President to discuss the opportunities.

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Committee: Youth
Role Person Job Description
UK Youth Team Martin Harvey

Organises international matches with other countries, normally via the Internet.

Youth Adviser Chris Sutherland

Advises on Youth matters.

Member of Sub-committee developing Youth Go Server in collaboration with the American Go Foundation.

Youth Championship Tony Atkins

Organises the annual British Youth Go Championship.

Youth Grand Prix Organiser Tony Atkins

Keeps track of the points scored in the annual Youth Grand Prix (see junior section).

Youth Teaching Vacant

Organises online teaching sessions for promising junior players